Season 1 Edit

  • "Thomas and Gordon" - Gordon gets revenge on Thomas for teasing him.
  • "Edward and Gordon" - Edward is let out of the shed and helps Gordon up a hill.
  • "The Sad Story of Henry" - Henry stops in a tunnel for fear the rain will spoil his paint, and gets bricked in.
  • "Edward, Gordon and Henry" - Gordon breaks down and Henry is the only one who can help.
  • "Thomas' Train" - Thomas wants to pull a train, but can't even when he's given one!
  • "Thomas and the Trucks" - Thomas learns why trucks are troublesome.
  • "Thomas and the Breakdown Train" - Thomas helps James after an accident.
  • "James and the Coaches" - James has a series of misfortunes with top hats and coaches.
  • "Troublesome Trucks" - James is let out of the shed to pull a goods train.
  • "James and the Express" - James is honored when he is given the Express.
  • "Thomas and the Guard" - Thomas forgets his guard at the junction.
  • "Thomas goes Fishing" - Thomas wants to go fishing.
  • "Thomas, Terence and The Snow" - Thomas sticks in a snowdrift and has to be helped by Terence.
  • "Thomas and Bertie" - Thomas has a race with a cheeky bus called Bertie.
  • "Tenders and Turntables" - Gordon and James have turntable trouble.
  • "Trouble in the Shed" - The big engines go on strike and so the Fat Controller buys a tank engine named Percy to help.
  • "Percy Runs Away" - Percy is startled by Gordon and runs away.
  • "Coal" - Henry is sick and needs special Welsh coal.
  • "The Flying Kipper" - Henry has a nasty accident.
  • "Whistles and Sneezes" - Gordon has problems with his whistle, while Henry pays out some boys for dropping stones on him.
  • "Toby and the Stout Gentleman" - The Fat Controller meets a friendy tram engine called Toby.
  • "Thomas and the Trucks" - Thomas gets in trouble with the police, so Toby comes to help.
  • "Dirty Objects" - James gets covered in tar after ironically teasing Toby for being shabby.
  • "Off the Rails" - Gordon's stubborness results in him falling into a ditch.
  • "Down the Mine" - Thomas falls down a mine and only a disgraced Gordon can help.
  • "Thomas' Christmas Party" - The engines organize a special Christmas party for a kind old lady.

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